Contract Mining

Contract mining is a niche target for the client who does not want to enter the bitcoin realm directly because they perceive it as too risky, but who can appreciate a short-term safe return of 20% on their money. This is a proprietary-note structure that will be asset-backed and will guarantee a rate performance minimum to our clients, mitigating their risk entirely to capitalize on the high end of the shared return directly.

Cloud Mining

In addition to direct mining, we will immediately enter into the cloud mining sphere and capture significant market share. Our low electrical costs, and extremely low overhead position, will allow Vortex Cloud to complete at or below existing price points and use these customers as the base for our future hardware sales.

Liberty Coin Farms

Our mining operation is set up to operate as many independently structured stand-alone LLCs, and our first entity is currently running with 120 miners (expanding soon to 480) which is a monthly revenue of approximately $250,000 gross, according to projections for November 2017, at just under 1MW of electrical use. Our mining location affords us 36MW capacity, which means our operation can scale to more than 22,000 miners or a monthly revenue of more than $15,000,000 gross.

Our overhead and operating costs are less than 35% of these figures at any scale — meaning, our initial monthly net would be just under $10,000,000 per month, just mining at the current value of bitcoin of $4,500 per coin. Obviously, if bitcoin continues to grow as projected, we forecast a cumulative valuation in excess of (2) Two Billion Dollars within 3 years (2020).

Mining, Minting, & Farming

Whichever is used, these terms refer to the actual process of creating crypto assets or causing to be added to the existing pool of actual digital coinage. Vortex in its initial holdings will be mining SHA-256 hashes, such as bitcoin, Namecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and others. Using a scanning code pool, our mining hardware will seek out and mine (perform transactions) on whichever coin (system) is generating the most profit at any given time. Mining will alternate between these systems at least every 12 hours, as indicated by the hash difficulty rate, or more frequently in the case of other mitigating factors.

The Vortex mining market has the highest initial rate of return, and serves as the fundamental, core competency of the corporate vision. Other crypto-companies may specialize in various subsects of the field — but, for Vortex, mining will always be core, and will always be profitable.

Mining does have its limits. Mining is the safe, solid, assured crypto assets foundation investment, as mining assures the existence and growth of these crypto currencies, without which their value becomes zero. Therefore, mining will by its very design and nature remain highly profitable. But in the years to come it may not always enjoy its present tremendously profitable growth trajectory. Hence, Vortex also has aggressive plans using our deep coin reserves to jump to the forefront and expand our operations to enter other spaces across the crypto universe.

Vortex & Liberty Coin

Vortex/Liberty Coin will pursue solving these problems and enter the race to develop the currency of the future. There is no measurable valuation which can be placed upon being part of this find, or being the lucky one whose coin is “the one.” Our focus will be to ensure the code-base used is the one supported by our hardware, and to make our capitalization following the “Apple” model of designing hardware and software that works together and avoiding the “Windows” problems of designing software to run on anyone’s hardware.